Setting up Xtra email for the first time

Use the Telecom Broadband Help Assistant to automatically set up your xtra email account on your computer.

Click on one of the tabs below for manual instructions.

If you already have your Xtra email set up and just need to check the settings, see Checking your Xtra or Domain email settings for more information.

Want to sign up for a new email email address? Check out Setup your Xtra email.

Email Application

Select your email application below, then use the appropriate settings on the Email Settings tab to complete the setup.

If you have an email address other than (e.g. or and want to send your emails using Telecom's outgoing server, follow the instructions for setting up a non-telecom email address.

ImageNot sure of the email application you are using?
Check the icon you click on to open it. The name should be displayed there. If your email application is not listed below, information should be available on its' website.

* Telecom Broadband Help Assistant compatible

Assist Tool

Mobile Device

Choose from the list below the make and select the model of your phone.

ImageNot sure what make and model your phone is?
Check your Mobile Phone Userguide to find out what your make and model is.

Search: Image

Make Model
 Apple  iPhone (iOS5)
 Blackberry  Bold 9000
 Blackberry  Curve 9300
 Blackberry  Curve 9360
 Blackberry  Torch 9800
 Garmin  Asus A10
 HTC  Sensation
 HTC  Snap
 HTC  Touch 2
 HTC  Touch Pro2
 HTC  Wildfire
 Huawei   Ascend G600
 LG  C900K
 LG  GC900F
 LG  GM310F
 LG  GR500F
 LG  GU290F
 LG  GW620
 LG  P500 Optimus One
 Motorola  Backflip MB300
 Motorola  Defy
 Motorola  Defy XT
 Motorola  Defy Mini
 Motorola  Flipout MB511
 Motorola  Fire
 Motorola  Milestone
 Motorola  Xoom
 Nokia  2730
 Nokia  3710 Fold
 Nokia  5230
 Nokia  6700
 Nokia  6720
 Nokia  C5-00
 Nokia  C5-03
 Nokia  E5-00
 Nokia  E71
 Nokia  E72
 Nokia  E75
 Nokia  C2-01
 Palm  Palm Treo Pro
 Samsung  C5220
 Samsung  F480
 Samsung  Galaxy 550 (i5503T)
 Samsung  Galaxy Ace 2
 Samsung  Galaxy S i9000T
 Samsung  Galaxy S II
 Samsung  Galaxy SIII 
 Samsung  GT-E3210B
 Samsung  S3370B Acton
 Samsung  S5510T
 Samsung  S5511
 Samsung  S5603T
 Samsung  S6700
 Samsung  S8300
 Sony Ericsson  J108a
 Sony Ericsson  C510
 Sony Ericsson  Naite J105a
 Sony Ericsson  Satio U1a
 Sony Ericsson  Vivaz U5a
 Sony Ericsson  W508a
 Sony Ericsson  W705a
 Sony Ericsson  W995a
 Sony Ericsson  Xperia Active
 Sony Ericsson  Xperia Play
 Sony Ericsson  Xperia X10 U20a Mini Pro
 Sony Ericsson  Xperia X10a
 Telecom  Huawei X1
 Telecom  R22
 Telecom  R100
 Telecom  R101
 Telecom  R109
 Telecom  R54
 Telecom  R1
 Telecom  R90
 Telecom  U3100
 Telecom  V9 Tablet

Webmail (View Online)

You can view your emails online by browsing the Yahoo Xtra website.

If you have an xtra email account you have unlimited mail storage, you can send and receive emails up to 25MB. 

ImageUsing Webmail for the first time?
Register your xtra email account so you can start using all the features of Webmail.


Telecom Email Settings

POP3 email settings with SSL

These are the standard settings used by most mail clients. Note that Windows 8 Mail does not support POP3.

Incoming Mail Server:
Uses SSL
Port: 995
Username: Your full email address without
(e.g. joe.bloggs not

Outgoing mail server:
Uses SSL
Port: 465
Outgoing server requires authentication

IMAP email settings

If you wish to use IMAP settings, you may use the settings below. However, we recommend using webmail or the standard POP3 settings above. We are not able to provide any IMAP support beyond providing the basic settings.

Incoming Mail Server:
Uses SSL
Port: 993
Username: Your full email address with

Outgoing mail server:
Uses SSL
Port: 465
Outgoing server requires authentication

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