Call Restriction


You can control who can make chargeable calls from your phone. Simply dial an access code and a PIN to turn the bar on and off. When the bar is activated, it blocks all chargeable calls. When the bar is deactivated, it allows all calls to go through as usual.

Call Restriction blocks outgoing calls only, it does not stop incoming Collect Calls.

Call Restriction always allows calls to:

  • 111
  • Telecom Service Numbers (e.g. 123, 120)
  • 0800, 0508
  • Telecom and Clear Calling Cards (012 and 0502)

If you would prefer a bar with PIN access that is always active, we recommend Call Track.

There are six different types of Call Restriction:

Call Restriction with No Directory Access

Barred Call Types Allowed Call Types
National Direct Dial (03, 04, 06, 07, 09) Telecom Service Numbers (111 and 1xy)
National Operator Assisted (010) Local calls
National Price Required (013) 0800 calls
International Directory Assistance (0172) Telecom Calling Card (012)
National Directory Assistance (018) Voice Services (08320, 08321)
International Direct Dial (001-009) VPN (0835x)
International Price Required and others (016) Pacnet dialups (17xy, 087xy)
International Operator Assistance (0170) Home Country Direct (000xyz)
0900 service National Operator assisted calls (0110)
(You can make a Collect, Calling Card, or Credit Card call)
Mobile, Paging International Operator assisted calls to 0173
(You can make a Collect, Calling Card, or Credit Card call)
Scott Base (02x) TelstraClear Toll Free (0508)
Minicall (0868) TelstraClear Calling Card (0502)
Sea Link (08361) TelstraClear free to call (05032, 05036)
Voice Services (08322-9 assisted)  
Audio Conference (0830xy)  
Video Conference (0833)  
Interconnect (050-058 - except 0508, 0502, 05032, 05036)  

Call Restriction with Directory Access

The same restrictions as the standard Call Restriction apply, however you have the ability to call the following numbers:

  • National Directory Assistance (018)
  • International Directory Assistance (0172)

International Call Restriction

When the bar is active the following calls are barred:

  • International Direct Dial (001-009)
  • International Price Required and others (016)
  • International Operator Assistance (0170)
  • Telecom International Access (0501)

International Call Restriction with no Directory Access

When the bar is active the same restrictions as the International Call Restrictions apply with the following restrictions added:

  • International Directory Assistance (0172)
  • National Directory Assistance (018)


Service Compatible? Notes
M K S Exchanges Image  
61 E Exchanges Image  
3 Way Calling Image When Call Restriction is activated, the outgoing calls of a 3 Way Call cannot be toll calls.
Call Diversion - Busy Image  When Call Restriction is activated, the diversion destination can not be a chargeable call.
Call Diversion - Immediate Image
Call Diversion - No Answer Image
Call Diversion - Group Image
Call Diversion - Multiple Image
Call Divider  
Call Minder - with Call Forward Image  
Call Minder - without Call Forward Image  
Call Waiting Image  
Caller Display Image
Call Track Image  
Dual Number Image When Call Restriction is activated, chargeable calls can not be made as all outgoing calls are made off the main number. 
FaxAbility Image When Call Restriction is activated, chargeable faxes can not be sent as all outgoing faxes are charged to the main number.
Hotline - Delayed Image When Call Restriction is activated, Hotline destination number can not be a chargeable call.
Hotline - Immediate Image
Number Withhold Image  
Permanent Toll Bar Image   
Smart Call Image  
Stepping Image  
Centrex Image Instructions for using Call Restriction will depend on the type of Centrex the customer is on. Check the Centrex User Guide for more details.
Smart Call Image Advise customer to notify their PABX technician that Call Restriction is being added as adjustments may need to be made.


How to use / manage

Turn Call Restriction on
  1. Listen for the dial tone 
  2. Dial 1880
  3. Enter four digit PIN 
  4. Wait for the confirmation tone (long-short-long) 
  5. Hang up 
Turn Call Restriction off to make a chargeable call
  1. Listen for the dial tone
  2. Dial 1881
  3. Enter four digit PIN
  4. Wait for the confirmation tone (long-short-long)
  5. Hang up
  6. Lift the handset and dial the chargeable number
  7. Turn Call Restriction on again when you have finished
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