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Your Telecom for mobile is an online portal you can access from your mobile phone, tablet or mobile broadband T-stick. It is a free service and it is also zero rated in New Zealand. This means that visiting the site on the mobile network does not count towards your data usage.

Here's what you can do using Your Telecom for Mobile:

  • Buy Voice, Text and Data Extras whenever you like, or buy bundles to save even more
  • View your recent unbilled usage
  • View your plan costs & details including minutes for Voice, Text and Data
  • Manage your Smart Caps for within NZ and Roaming
  • Manage your Call Diversions, Call Waiting and Call Restriction
  • Manage your Alerts and Notifications for Caps and Minutes
  • Top up your mobile for Prepaid customers by Credit Card or by Voucher

Your Telecom for Mobile is not available to Gen-i and Consumer customers on Share Plans due to the complex nature of these plans.

Its now easier to log into Your Telecom for Mobile on your mobile.

Your Telecom for Mobile can be accessed through your mobiles browser at or from your computer at 

To log in directly without visiting the browser page, go to

If you are using a Telecom provided device & using your Telecom Mobile Data Connection, you will automatically be logged into Your Telecom for Mobile. If you are using a WiFi connection you will be required to login manually using your mobile number and password. If you have not set this up yet you can do so at the login screen.

For more information see: How to use/manage tab

Is this safe?

We are identifying your phone at a network level so this is more secure as removes the risk of someone who knows your username and password and being able to access your account details

How to use/manage

How to access Your Telecom for Mobile - Telecom provided device

Note: For Telecom Android devices, tap the image shown here to gain access Image

  1. Open Internet Browser on the device
  2. Enter into the address bar
  3. Scroll down
  4. Select Your Telecom
    • If you are connected over WiFi, log in with your mobile number and password
  5. Your Telecom Account information will be displayed 


How to access Your Telecom for Mobile - Non Telecom provided device
  1. Open your phones internet browser
  2. Go to 
  3. From the main page, scroll down to Your Telecom
  4. Click on Your Telecom for access
Buy/Manage Extras

From your mobile device:

  1. Go to Your Telecom (via T World or using the Your Telecom App on your Android device)
  2. Select Buy and Manage Extras
  3. Select the Bundle, Text or Data Extra you want
  4. Scroll down
  5. Select Buy now

From your computer:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Buy Extras
  3. Select the Extra or Value Pack you want
  4. Click Buy Now
  • The Extra will be effective immediately after subscribing and valid for one month (excluding Talk $20 which is 90 days)
  • The charge for the Extra will automatically be deducted from your prepaid balance on their renewal date
  • If you do not have enough prepaid balance on their renewal date the Extra will be removed and you will revert back to the casual rate
  • We will send a text message a few days prior to their renewal date to prompt you to top up

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