How to Top up on the Smartphone Network

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Credit Card
Mobile or Smartphone
  • Smartphone
    1. Tap Image(Telecom Smartphone App icon)
    2. Tap Image
    3. Tap Top Up
    4. Enter your mobile number or another Telecom mobile number you wish to Top UP
    5. Select Amount 
    6. Tap Top Up
    7. Enter you Credit Card details
    8. Tap Top Up
    9. A confirmation message Top Up Successful will display


    1. Open your Your Telecom App
    2. Select Top Up Mobile
    3. Select Top Up by Credit Card
    4. Follow the prompts
  • Other mobile
    1. Using your device go to TWorld
    2. Select Your Telecom
    3. Select Top Up Mobile
    4. Select Top Up by Credit Card
    5. Follow the prompts
Tablet / Data Stick (Tstick)
  • Find the mobile number for your device and make a note of it
  • Open TWorld
  • Scroll down to the Your Telecom link and click to open
  • Click on Top Up Mobile
  • Click Top Up by Credit Card 
  • Follow the prompts 

(Your mobile number is displayed at the top-right of YourTelecom - Use mobile data, as accessing through your WiFi requires you to logon)

Mobile or Smartphone
  • Using your mobile: Call *333 and follow the prompts
  • Using someone else's mobile: Call 0800 32 32 32 and follow the prompts

You will need a Telecom Top Up Voucher or your Credit Card to top up.

Top-up via Purchasing Voucher Online with a Credit Card
  • This is an existing method of topping up by purchasing a new top-up voucher online with a credit card and then call the top-up number via *333.
    • Go online to
    • Choose the top-up value.
    • Enter their credit card details, their top-up voucher number will then be displayed on screen.
    • Call the roaming top up service via *333 from the mobile to top up, follow the prompts to select top up and enter the voucher number.
Top-up via *333
  • This solution allows you to nominate/enter the prepaid mobile number (in the 027 format) if  your Calling Line Identity (CLI) cannot be recognised by the IVR (calling from overseas there is no guarantee of the format of the CLI)
    • Access the service by dialling *333 as you would whilst in NZ (N.B. when roaming, this number will only be accessible from a prepaid mobile)
    • Calls to *333 will be zero-rated and the customer will not be charged (otherwise customers will not be able to top-up if they have insufficient funds)
    • Calls to *333 will be routed to the same destination as per 0800 323232 dialled when in NZ. A new international routable number will be utilised.
    • Voice short codes such as 123, *123, *555 and 120 will not work whilst roaming with devices, but SMS short codes will. This means any support while roaming you will have to call the International Roaming Helpdesk which will be preloaded on the SIM phonebook and on
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