Prepaid Extras


You can purchase an Extra at anytime.

Extras are
  • Valid for a specified time period (depending on the Extra) from the time of purchase e.g. 1 month
  • Charged up front and in full on the purchase date or renewal date
  • Able to be purchased multiple times within one month even before it expires or is used up
  • Purchased and managed via Your Telecom for Mobile, Online - or via our Smartphone App
  • Unused Extra minutes, texts or data allowance will disappear on your renewal date
Bonus Extras
  • A Bonus Extra is a free allocation of text, data or minutes (e.g. a one off promotion)
  • Extras are used in the order of expiry - this applies for purchasable and bonus extras.

Eligibility and Business Rules

  • Extras are available to all Telecom Prepaid Customers
  • Extras are not available while roaming
  • A purchased Extra can only be used on the mobile number it was bought for
  • Extras cannot be transferred between your mobile accounts
  • Extras cannot be transferred between Postpaid and prepaid accounts because the range of available products may be different
  • Extras cannot be transferred as part of a change of ownership or change of number
  • Extras cannot be added if there is an active data bar on the device
  • Gen-i customers cannot purchase Extras by device or online - all requests need to be fulfilled by the Gen-i Service Desk
Terms and Conditions
  • Telecom terms, conditions and charges apply eg. Fair use policy
  • Standard national minutes, data use and national person to person texts only
  • Casual rate applies after the included minutes, texts and/or data amount has been used up
  • The casual rate that applies depends on your particular plan's casual rate


Talk Extras (to any NZ network) Recurring Allowance (1 month expiry)
$3 Talk 15 Anytime Minutes
$6 Talk 30 Anytime Minutes
$9 Talk 50 Anytime Minutes
$12 Talk 120 Anytime Minutes
$19 Talk Telecom Unlimited calling to Telecom Mobiles & NZ Landline
Text Extras Recurring Allowance (1 month expiry)
$3 Text 50 Texts
$6 Text 150 Texts
$9 Text 500 Texts
$12 Text Data 5000 Texts + 50MB
Data Extras Recurring Allowance (1 month expiry)
$3 Data 30MB
$6 Data 60MB
$9 Data 100MB
$12 Text Data 5000 Texts + 50MB
$15 Data 500MB
$29 Data 1.5GB
$49 Data 3GB
International Extras Recurring Allowance (1 month expiry)
$9 International Talk Text
(Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, and Canada Only)
90 International Mins
90 International Texts

How to Order

  1. On your device via Smartphone App or Your Telecom
  2. Online -
  3. By calling *333


  • Extras are available to use immediately after purchase has been completed and confirmed by SMS
  • A recurring Extra automatically renews at the end of the specified subscription period
  • Extras are not pro rated and will not be refunded
  • The expiry date of a recurring Extra remains the same every month
  • Customers can have multiple Extras for the same product type (text/data/minutes)
  • At the end of the Extras' specified time period e.g.. 1 month, any remaining unused minutes, text or data will expire

Stopping an Extra means you are stopping it from renewing again. Allowance for an Extra is available until it has been used up - or until its expiry date, even if it has been stopped prior to this date.

  1. On your device via Smartphone App or Your Telecom
  2. Online -
  3. By calling *333

Extras cannot be placed on hold.

  • Service bars can be applied to a mobile account to stop users from buying Extras directly from their mobile or online
  • Calls to any My Favourite nominated number is not taken out of any Extra voice allowance
  • Usage alerts will automatically notify you once you've reached 80% and 100% usage - you can 'opt out' of receiving these at any time
  • You will be alerted via SMS prior to any Extra expiry or renewal date unless you chooses to turn off Alerts and Notifications
  • When a mobile account is temporarily disconnected for non-payment, all services and Extras on the account are also restricted and cannot be used
  • When a mobile account is disconnected for any reason (e.g.. Credit reasons) all services and Extras on the account are disconnected and will need to be purchased again once account is reconnected

How to Manage

Using Extras

New extras are managed on a subscription basis. When you sign up you pay an initial fee. Then each following month the charge for that Extra is added to your bill.

New extras are valid for a set period if time; previously Extras expired at the end of a billing month.  For example a monthly Extra would be valid, from the date of purchase or renewal to the same day the following month; bought on the 5th of one month, expiry on 5th the following month.

if you don't have enough money when your extra renews
it will be on hold for 5 days
if you don't top up then your extra will be cancelled

Once your Extra included minutes, text or data has been used, you will start to be charged the casual rate, until you purchase another Extra.

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