Your Bill Explained


We've used some examples to help you understand the charges on your bill. For further assistance, or a billing query, log in to your account online using MyTelecom.

your first bill

Received your first bill and it doesn't make sense? This will help you understand the charges.

tax invoice

Shows your previous & current charges & the payment slip is included for over the counter payments at Kiwibank & NZ Post ($1.50 Fee applies).

additional services

E.G. Dial up or modem charges, purchase of device or hardware.

rental & activity

Charging for plans, products & services.

incl. mins

Shows your mobile use of included minutes, text & data.

calls & activity

Calls, text, photo messaging & mobile data usage.

change mobile plan

If you have changed mobile plan recently, this will help you understand changes to your bill.
Mobile Plan Change

bill delivery

Getting your bill is easy with our online bill; just visit MyTelecom. You can get a paper bill delivered if you want for a fee of $1.50 incl GST. Online Bills will be our default option for new customers from 12 May 2014, at this time the paper bill fee will be introduced.


MyTelecom is a great way to manage your account online. You'll have full access to mobile, landline and broadband usage; add & manage your mobile and phone line extras & even better - no more receiving pesty bills in the mail!

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